Sadly "Fawlty Towers" is postponed for 2020

Just avoiding the risks to our patrons from COVID19

Viruses being the only visitor Picton would turn away

Hope you all stay safe and well

If you have purchased tickets, PTG is offering to refund you.
The cast and Committee were all well, keen, and it was hilarious, and you would have loved it.

However, it was decided by the cast and Committee that it was prudent to postpone the show to best protect the risk of spreading this virus through non-essential contact, and this aligns to advice the community has from Gov't everywhere now.
The knowledge that a proportion of the community would not fare well if they ever contracted it was a factor we considered important.

There is no new date set at the moment. Please contact the Treasurer if you are the purchaser of the show tickets, so we can organise a refund, and quote your ticket details for a refund.
It is likely the refund would be via direct EFT to your bank account once verified, if not by cheque.

Treasurer - Paul Channell
Ph - 0401 842 862
Email - treasurer at

PTG has been performing live plays (comedies, dramas, or musicals) for over 40yrs in Picton, with everyone involved onstage (and behind the scenes) volunteers from the community.

Please check back for upcoming shows throughout the year.


Tue 26 Oct, 2021

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"Fawlty Towers" postponedtickets

PTG's monthly Play Readings postponed
Coming again in 2021. Dates to be announced.
Uniting Church Hall, 4 Lumsdaine St,Picton

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