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Mon 24 Jan, 2022

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Picton Theatre News

20th Nov Auditions "A Good Man"
11.30am to 2.30pm at Picton Masonic Hall

PTG's monthly Play Readings postponed
Coming again in 2022. Dates to be announced.
Uniting Church Hall, 4 Lumsdaine St,Picton

Past Productions

The Great Bra Unclipping Championships at Garimba..
The Odd Couple..
Ali Baba and the Forty Theives..
Move Over Mrs Markham..
Razzamattazz Variety Show.....
Pantomime: Five Beans for Jack or, The Emporer's New Clothes.....
Barefoot in the Park.....
Don't Talk to the Actors.....
Mum's the Word.....
Beyond the Veil.....
Chemical Imbalance.....
See How They Run.....
And Then There Were None.....
The Importance of Being Earnest.....
Play On.....
Sin, Sex & The CIA.....
Not Now Darling.....