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Mum's the Word

Mum's the Word is a new Australian play by Jay Corr.

The story revolves around an average Australian family, enjoying life and all it has to offer, when 'the mother-in-law', Maxine, decides to pay them a visit. Wayne, the son-in-law, knows that Maxine worships the ground he is going to and there is definitely no love lost between the two.

Characters -
Wayne Wood : middle-aged, husband, playwright, sarcastic.
Karen Wood : middle-aged, housewife, sensible.
Sharon Wood : daughter, 20 years old, works at a supermarket.
Jazza Wood : son, 17 years old, school student.
Maxine Adams : widowed mother-in-law, 69 years old, mother of only child Karen, bit deaf.
Gordo Hartley : widower, psychiatrist, rugby league referee.
Ted Bollum : middle-aged, owns a Laundromat, easy going, husband to Jenny, no children.
Jenny Bollum : middle-aged, wife of Ted.

Season Dates -

Community theatre is a great way to meet people and get involved in a wonderful theatrical experience. Newcomers are always welcome. If the stage isn't your forte, there is backstage and technical work, costumes, set design and building, and front of house work on offer. All positions are voluntary and extremely rewarding.

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Fri 18 Jan, 2019

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