Vintage Film Day

2pm Sept 24th "Danger Diabolik" 1968

Long before Marvel Comics made X-Men, Captain America etc, Italian Cinema Director made this 1968 Crime Comedy spoof about Diabolik, a famous comic strip master criminal who cared only for his girlfriend Eva, and in stealing from the Government. It's an over-the-top film where everyone is incompetent (Criminals and Police) except for the super sexy cool Diabolik and Eva.

He has an undrground hideout for his 3 Black E Type Jags, and these sit next Eva's white E Types.
He cheats the Government and cheats death many times. A cult classic movie of the 60s, made by Bava just after he made "Barbarella".

Vintage Film Day runs once a month, and generally the film screens at 2pm on the last Sunday of the month (except that for October in 2017 the film has to be on a different Sunday), at Bargo Sports Club. It is free courtesy of PTG and Bargo Sports, and the club's Bistro is available for lunch until 2pm. Normal club entry rules apply of course. We run this February through to November, at Bargo Sports Club, at 3580 Remembrance Driveway, Bargo. For more information call 0451 149 855 evenings or Sunday; or Email: Publicity at

Original 1936 "King Kong" 2pm Oct 15th (not 29th)

October is usually the traditional month for monster movies.
This was the first of a line of remakes. Maybe not the most adrenaline pumping as the special effects were still done without computers in 1936, but it's the original classic, starring Fay Wray.

Nov 26th ???

Vintage Film Day is FREE to attend, thanks to a partnership between Picton Theatre Group Inc. and Bargo Sports.

Hope to see you there

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Fri 22 Sep, 2017

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2pm, Sunday Sept 24th "Danger Diabolik" 1968

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